Manicure tools at home

 Manicure tools at home

Every modern girl wants to have beautiful and well-groomed marigolds, but there is not always time to visit a beauty salon or a manicurist, so usually girls buy tools and make manicures at home.

For manicure at home you need the following tools:

1. Nail file - necessary for grinding and polishing nails, in addition, they can be used to give the nails a particular form. In this regard, different nail files differ in the degree of grit. Natural nails fit nail files on a rubberized or cardboard base. If you still prefer metal files, then the best option would be a semicircular nail file with a fine grain.

2. Baf - It is best to use for polishing baf in the form of a tetrahedral bar with four polishing surfaces. It is possible to polish nails with the help of a buff no more than once a month.

3. Nippers - to remove the cuticle, also use special nippers that simply “bite off” the cuticle. Be sure to ensure that the nippers are well ground because the blunt tool will rip the skin. The same nippers can also remove burrs.

4. Scraper - a very necessary tool for pushing the cuticle. You will not be able to effectively remove any other thin skin of the skin. It will grow constantly, forming unattractive rags of the skin, contributing to the formation of burrs.

5. Nail Scissors - This tool is needed to perform a manicure. Scissors are used periodically to trim the free edge of the nail, but their main purpose is to correct the cuticle and burrs.

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