How and where is it better to store gel and acrylic nails?

How and where is it better to store gel and acrylic nails?

For each master, it is important that the materials retain their properties as long as possible, which is why they need to be properly stored.

Shine. Great place to store - in a tightly closed drawer, closet or on a shelf in a dark corner. Manufacturers categorically prohibit leaving bottles on window sills or on the table by the window. To prevent the gel polish from thickening and lumps to appear, keep the bottles away from the direct light source.

Temperature. It is very important that the temperature be no more than 26 degrees Celsius. Make sure that there are no heating elements nearby, a sharp temperature drop reduces the quality characteristics of gel polishes.

Gel - varnishes do not like shaking, this causes small bubbles. Because of this, the coating will fall badly and the layers will not bond with each other qualitatively. It is advisable to transport gel polishes in a tight fixing package, it is better to allow to stand for several hours before applying.

The better you follow the instructions for the storage and transportation of materials, the longer they will serve you. Do not forget that the compositions in the clogged and open form are stored differently, so for most products, manufacturers specify the shelf life after opening. As a rule, information is presented in the form of an icon - an open jar with a numerical designation of the storage period in months.