Materials for eyelash extension, for the master - the beginner

Materials for eyelash extension, for the master - the beginner

Eyelash extensions - one of the modern beauty - procedures for girls. The result of it is amazing: the girl becomes the owner of lush eyelashes, giving the look of mystery and attractiveness.

By nature, the action of the master resembles the simple gluing of eyelashes. Master for each natural eyelash glues with professional resin-based glue a bunch of artificial eyelashes or each separately.

Every beginning master needs to select the safest and high-quality materials for eyelash extension. High-quality eyelash extension procedure means that the client was satisfied and will definitely return to you for correction and will be able to advise your friends as a professional master.

Now let's talk about what you need to pay attention to when choosing materials for eyelash extension.

Material eyelashes, which are represented on the market, made of special monofilament. The highest quality fiber provides silicone content, it affects the elasticity of eyelashes. Usually, in professional stores, you can find eyelashes with a length from 4 mm to 18 mm.

The thickness of the eyelashes is selected based on what effect you want. A thickness of 0.1 mm is suitable for the classics, a thickness of 0.06-0.1 mm is perfect for 2D - 3D, the thickness of 0.03 - 0.07 mm is suitable for “super volume”.

Tape to protect the lower lashes during work with the upper lashes.

Eyelash degreaser - used to remove fat on the eyelashes and remove makeup from the skin around the eyes.

Glue for eyelashes - the manufacturer of Rich-professional offers you a wide range of glue for eyelashes with an excellent and safe composition. Popular is the glue "Rich Ultra Super" - liquid hypoallergenic glue, without formaldehyde and toxins with excellent fixing properties. Minimal evaporation does not irritate the mucous membrane, is odorless, has good elasticity. Hitch: provides an instant hitch for 1-2 seconds fixing: fixing time 5-6 weeks.

Tweezers - for robots with subtle details. Best purchased with stainless steel.

Remover - designed to safely remove the extended eyelashes.

In our online store you can buy materials for eyelash extension of the best quality and safe composition, as well as pick up the necessary accessories for work.